Why Spirit Dental Insurance Has Value Among Competing Dental Insurance Plans

Spirit Dental Insurance - Las Vegas Nevada

Las Vegas Dental Insurance Spirit Dental

Las Vegas is a paradise. A paradise of  tropical weather, an atmosphere of greatness and an array of health conscious professionals. Professionals in Las Vegas operate with a health first mindset. For example, the fitness atmosphere is a serious mindset in Vegas. An area with no true Chicago type winter season, will allow an individual to wear gym clothes or any athletic clothing 24/7. Residents take pride with his/her body appearance. Furthermore, professionals require adequate oral health as well.

Reaching above and beyond for my client enables trust. Discovering new methods for clients is essential. For example, many clients desire Dental Insurance. Dental Insurance is an imperative need for oral health. Oral Health ranks high with overall body health. When compared to traditional Health Insurance plans, a dental insurance plan is a non-complex product. Understanding the nuances of Health Insurance can appear tricky. However dental insurance plans are simple to understand. 

Below is a basic explanation regarding traditional dental insurance plans. 

Dental Insurance – Annual Maximums

 Las Vegas Dental Insurance Annual Limits typically are $1000 to $1500 per calendar year. Which simple states during a calendar year a dental plan will pay $1000 or $1500 in benefits toward services. Furthermore, should any services go beyond the yearly limits, the customer is responsible for additional service charges. Service charges originate from Root Canals, Braces, Oral Surgeries etc. Preventive services are typically covered at 100%, with no out of pocket expenses. While services such as root canals, oral surgeries require a 12 month waiting period, high Out of Pocket Dental Expenses are created from exhausting the annual limit or current waiting periods. These limitations began to frustrate clients. Clients began to ask, Is Las Vegas Dental Insurance Worth it? Clients began asking for an alternative choice. 

Las Vegas professionals asked for value, Vegas residents desired day one dental insurance. Vegas dental insurance plans where one can utilize day one basic or major services. Las Vegas dental insurance without limitations. Professionals began rejecting certain dental insurance plans with regard to limitations. Limitations mentioned in the above example. Las Vegas residents now have dental insurance options. Las Vegas dental insurance with no limitations are now a reality.

As a Las Vegas Insurance broker, I’m required to meet a client’s demand. I discovered Spirit  Dental Insurance plans that provide higher dental insurance annual limits, and eliminated waiting periods. Spirit Dental's annual maximums ranging from $700 to $5000 annually. Immediate coverage for basic and major dental services. 

Poor dental hygiene may lead to serious health issues. Root canals are common dental procedures. However a common procedure that will exhaust a traditional dental insurance annual maximum. Root canals average $800 to $1000 per service. For any customer a sufficient dental plan is necessary.  

Spirit dental insurance come with day one benefits and annual maximum choices, that will enhance your options for dental coverage. Click here to generate a free spirit dental insurance quote. 

Spirit Dental Insurance - Las Vegas Nevada

Why Spirit Dental Insurance Has Value Among Competing Dental


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