Benefits of Purchasing Life Insurance Online - Ethos Life Insurance Review

Benefits of Purchasing Life Insurance Online

Ethos Life Insurance Review

Life insurance has evolved throughout time. The old school insurance man would door knock to sell policies or collect premiums. In modern times customers opt to sit with an insurance broker or purchase a life insurance policy solely online.  Customers desire an effective way to purchase insurance. While I'm a fan of old school face to face meetings, I've adapted to the modern technology world.  Stream lining insurance to my customers that desire no face to face contact, forced me to evolve my life insurance business. 

I contacted a company called Ethos. Ethos is an online life insurance agency. Ethos has access to several life insurance carriers that provide Term Life, Whole Life and Final Expense. I love the company's mindset because they offer a service that will clients to review and purchase coverage. 

I decided to attempt a personal quote using the Ethos System. The process was easy. I proceeded to enter my basic information, age,  name, residence etc. Next I received several quotes. Then I proceeded to start my personal application which was very simple. I could either send myself a quote or apply coverage. I created a small video demonstration below. 

I highly recommend the Ethos online life insurance platform. This is a quality system that will allow customers to work alone, while applying for sufficient life insurance. Along with an approval within 24 to 48 hours. I help customers in Nevada, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Illinois. Call me at 702.763.3590 for help. Christopher Reams Sr,


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