Workers Compensation Insurance for Contractors Nevada Arizona Texas New Mexico

What is workers compensation insurance? 

Operating a business is a risky task. We stress the importance of obtaining business insurance should a customer pursue legal litigation resulting from bodily injury or property damage. However, what about employees? How does a general or artisan contractor protect the business should an employee, or sub-contractor endure bodily injury on the job? In an industry of landscapers, roofers, plumbers, and electricians, risk for employee injury is high. As a contractor are you prepared for potential employee bodily injuries that may require, Workers Compensation? 


Nevada contractors are obligated to purchase worker compensation benefits when hiring at least one employee. Per Capterra construction management company, which provide data from the bureau labor of statistics; 27% of falls occur from ladders 10ft tall or lower. 39% of contractors account for injuries relating to falling off a residential roof. And 60% of injuries occur within the first year of a construction worker’s career. Workers' compensation for a Las Vegas general & artisan contractor business is an imperative insurance policy an owner must purchase. 


What is workers compensation insurance? 

Workers' compensation is an insurance policy designed to protect a company should an employee become ill or disabled from job related functions. 


Contractors Workers Compensation Coverages. 

·         Lost Wages 

·         Medical Treatment 

·         Permanent or Temporary disabilities 

·         Vocational Rehabilitation 

·         Spouse/Dependent benefits 

·         Death 

·         Other related expenses 



Below are examples of State Law Penalties  

·         Fines up to $15,000 

·         Penalties in additional premium 

·         Potential business closure 

·         Liability responsibility for work related injuries 

·         Possible criminal penalties. Fine and/or Jail time. 


A Workers compensation insurance policy is an important component for an artisan & general contractor business. I broker with multiple insurance carriers to find the best workers comp policy for your contractor business. Should you require help, call me at 702.763.3590 



Contractor Workers Compensation Insurance  



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