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Recently opened a Small Business In Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona or Texas? If so, this article is for you. 😉

Opening a small business require money and time. While financials are important when creating a business, the following must be considered:  business operations, hiring employees, marketing practices, equipment purchasing, location and insurance. Reviewing these steps require time and energy. Commercial general liability insurance is often overlooked when planning a new business venture.

Hiring employees is a challenging task that require time and research. Creating a business with job position details, searching for health benefits, employee safety programs, and purchasing the correct policy to cover your business can be complicated. Realizing the importance of commercial general liability insurance is a necessity, that will save time and money down the road.

Your local state may require business liability insurance coverage. General liability insurance is protection against legal litigation that may occur by a customer and employee. Customers and employees are high risk for any businesses. For example, bodily injuries, food poisoning, dishonest acts, property damage, failure to complete hired duties, are examples why a company could face court action.

Commercial General Liability Insurance Standard Coverages

  • Bodily Injury

  • Medical Payments

  • Dishonor Employee Acts

  • Personal & Advertising Injury

  • Defense Costs

  • Commercial Auto

  • Equipment Coverage

  • Umbrella Coverage

  • Replacement Income

  • Theft

  • Damage Rented Property

I strive to educate business owners about insurance products. We feel education is the essential ingredient to purchasing the correct insurance policy. Should you have questions call me at the number below.

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Commercial General Liability Insurance


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